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Best Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker – 3 Old Fashioned Models To Consider

Best Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker –  3 Old Fashioned Models To Consider

Today’s post is all about how to choose the best hand crank ice cream maker. We hope to help you do this by reviewing 3 products and also giving you a buying guide at the end of the review.

Before we go on, let’s briefly explain what a hand crank ice cream machine is. A hand crank ice cream maker is one that has a housing (bucket or tub design), with a hand crank mechanism that’s attached to the ice cream churner.   It is this crank mechanism that’s used to turn the mixing paddle of the ice cream maker to make ice cream.

This type of ice cream maker requires a certain level of elbow grease (manual operation). So the choice of whether to buy a hand crank ice cream maker or not depends on how much energy you wish to expend anytime you get a hankering to make ice cream.

These machines are obviously not as popular as other types of ice cream makers but you can still get one that would fit your specification.

 So come with us as we explore these 3 products:-

Best Dual Function Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker

Product Name – AMERIHOME ICM6C 6-Quart Old Fashion Ice Cream Maker

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Our Rating – 4.1 out of 5 stars


  1. Multifunctional design allows the machine to be used either manually or with electric motor

  2. Has the capacity to produce up to 6 quarts of ice cream in not more than 30 minutes

  3. Housing is a sealed pine tub that’s made with top quality pine wood

  4. The aluminium inner container comes with a transparent plastic lid

  5. Recipes that have been tested and proven are included with purchase of the machine

We are starting out with this AMERIHOME ICM6C 6-Quart Old Fashion Ice Cream Maker because of people who are unsure about manual ice cream makers.

This machine is a double design ice cream maker that can be used either with an electric motor or hand crank.  If you have been romanticising about having an old fashioned ice cream maker then this product is for you.  Its dual power ability is a great advantage because you can switch to whichever mode your mood requires per time.

With this AMERIHOME Ice Cream Maker, you can have a great time with friends and family at outdoor events. You’ll get to customize the flavors of your homemade ice cream and frozen treats and also know what goes into your treats.

Nothing beats the fun of doing things together with your family. If you decide to use the hand crank option of this machine, it can become part of a fun ritual for every member of the family.  But for those days that everyone is feeling lazy but still wants to enjoy some frozen goodness, the electric is there to come to the rescue!

This machine is easy to use as all you need do is to prepare the ingredients, pour it into the aluminium can, put in the mixing paddle and attach the lid. Pour ice and salt into the outer case (the pine tub) then install either the hand crank or the electric motor. 30 minutes later, you’ll have your sift serve ice cream; if you want it frozen solid, then you have to place it in the freezer for some time.

The multifunction ability of this machine makes it a versatile machine as you can use it at home where you have electricity or at camp or any other outdoor events where you wouldn’t have access to electricity.  

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Runner Up Product With Lower Rating on Amazon

Product Name – Maxi-Matic Ice Cream Maker, 4-Quart, Pine

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Our Rating – 3.7 out of 5 stars   


  1. Housing a  solid pine handcrafted bucket

  2. Can use either electricity(3500 rpm motor) or manual hand crank

  3. Equipped with aluminium freezing bucket that churns out ice cream in no more than 40 minutes

  4. Motor is equipped with safety protection against overheating

  5. Heavy duty die cast hand crank can be used to churn the ice cream into a more solid consistency

The Maxi-Matic Ice Cream Maker is another dual option ice cream maker. But this product is not as highly rated on Amazon as the first one. However, delivers the same results to many folks who have used it and dropped a review.

Housed in a handmade bucket of solid wood pine, this ice cream maker has a heavy duty aluminium freezing bucket. A combination of both buckets gives you an apparatus that helps you make whatever type of frozen treat that you want whenever and wherever!

Like we said before, this product has the same features as the previous one we reviewed and is available in different sizes. One difference we’d like to point out is that the motor of this product has a safety feature that protects the ice cream maker from overheating.  The 3500 rpm high torque motor would go off once the churning cycle is over or would go off if the motor starts to overheat.  This enhances the durability of the motor of the Maxi-Matic Ice Cream Maker.

This machine follows in the Maxi Matic reputation of providing functional and good quality small kitchen apparatus for over 25 years. It is clearly old fashioned but has been engineered to deliver excellent results at all times.

What’s more is that this machine is easy to use and clean as every part is removable.  Although there are mixed reviews about the design of this ice cream maker, a higher percentage of people report that they got their money’s worth in this machine.

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Best High End Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker

Product Name – PREMIUM 6 qt. – Immergood Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker – Hand Crank

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Our Rating – 4.8 out of 5 stars   


  1. All the hardware is made of good quality stainless steel

  2. Freezer bucket is leak proof ,is highly insulated and has a triple layer construction

  3. Highly durable and can become a family heirloom

  4. Every piece is proudly made in USA

  5. Comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer

The Immergood Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker is a high end hand crank ice cream maker. This is strictly hand crank and can be an upgrade for folks who started out with the dual function ice cream makers.

This ice cream maker is not regarded as high end just because of its price but because of the quality of materials used to make it.  Using the idea of the old fashioned hand crank ice cream makers, it innovated to bring this machine to the market.  From the tub to the gears, bushings and metals, every part of this machine has been engineered to deliver great quality and last a lifetime.

This ice cream maker is constructed with stainless steel material that’s anti-corrosion and durable. The Polly wear bushings would last for life and does not require any maintenance; this is not one of those hand crank machines that you must grease before every use.

This ice cream maker achieves its ice cream production by a triple action churning. This means that the freezer bucket turns one way (clockwise); the dasher rotates the other way (anti-clockwise) while the center of the dasher turns clockwise. With this triple churning action, you are sure of getting the best mixing of your ice cream thereby resulting in a great texture!

The tub of this ice cream maker is a one piece poly tub that’s leak proof and doubly insulated. This would help to keep your ice cream cold for hours or even a day in colder climates/weather conditions.  

This ice cream maker is ideal for use anywhere at any time; all you need is your ice and salt! So get to creating great memories with your family with this ice cream maker that’s entirely manual and toxin free!

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 Buying Guide For Best Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker

Maybe it is a feeling of nostalgia that’s prompting you to go shopping for a hand crank  ice cream maker. Or you want an apparatus that can go with you into the backwoods on those family adventures. Whatever the sentiment, you need to know what you are going into before you decide to buy a hand crank ice cream maker.

In this segment, we would discuss some of the factors that would help you determine whether a hand crank ice cream maker is for you. And if you decide that it is, then which one would be best for you.

Turnover Time in Relation To Energy Expended

In this day and age, home appliances have been made easy to use; as easy as the touch of a button. So the major thing to bear in mind with a hand crank ice cream maker is that you have to be willing to expend energy.  Are you willing to keep cranking the machine to keep it churning for over half an hour?

If yes, then the next thing to consider is the quantity of ice cream or frozen dessert you would get from your machine in that time.  Most hand crank ice cream makers churn out soft serve in 30 minutes or more. 

But if you prefer a more convenient ice cream machine then check out this review of best electric ice cream machine.

One thing that can work in your favour here is if your family is an adventurous one and everyone would be willing to take turns in cranking the ice cream maker.  But we would advise that you consider an electric machine in a situation where you would be the only one willing to put in the work. Conversely, you can look out for other manual options that wouldn’t be difficult for you alone to operate.

Size/Capacity Of The Ice Cream Maker

The capacity of the ice cream maker you are considering is very important; this is in light of our previous point.  If you have a family of 6 and some friends then you know that you need a machine that would produce enough ice cream or dessert for everyone at the same time.

All the ice cream makers we reviewed in this post come in different sizes so you can always choose the size that works best for you.

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Cost Implications

When we talk of the cost of a hand crank ice cream maker, we are not only talking of the initial cost of buying the machine.  Every time you use a hand crank ice cream machine to make homemade ice cream, you have to use ice and salt. Although this might seem insignificant, it might be burdensome for some people to ensure that they have ice at hand for whenever they need to make ice cream.

So if you do not like the idea of having to have ice and salt for every time you need to make homemade ice cream, then a hand crank ice cream maker is not for you.

That being said however, it is also necessary to consider the initial cost of the product you want to buy. This is especially in relation to its features; most important of which is a leak proof bucket (both inner and outer) and durability.

The Immergood Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker is a high end hand crank machine and almost 3 times as expensive as the other two products in this review.  However, it has received so many great reviews from verified purchases; it has a 4.8 star rating out 5 stars.  Unlike the other two products that have mixed reviews, the only issue that customers have is that this machine is expensive.

Many customers testify that this product lasts for a long time. So look out for a product that would outlast whatever you spend on it.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

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One fact that we have established is that hand crank ice cream makers require elbow grease. You have to crank for a minimum of half an hour.

The AMERIHOME Ice Cream Maker and the Maxi-Matic Ice Cream Maker have the advantage of dual operation. You can either use the motor or hand crank.  It would be a great idea for people who want to try out hand crank ice cream makers for the first time to buy any of these two. Our reason for this recommendation is that you can always switch to the motor if the hand crank isn’t working for you.

Hand crank ice cream makers are usually easy to clean as all the parts are detachable.  But some are prone to rusting; so look out for a product that would not rust due to constant contact with water.


We strongly believe that hand crank ice cream makers are not for folks who are new to making ice cream. It is best to start out with small electric models of ice cream makers as they are more suited for beginners.

There are however many video tutorials on how to use a hand crank ice cream. You can also find many recipes that are best suited for hand crank machines. If you are willing to put in some extra work, then you would surely enjoy your purchase.

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