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How To Make Fried Ice Cream – 2 Basic and Simple Methods

Fried ice cream; sounds like an oxymoron right?  How can fire and ice be used in one recipe without us ending up with a gooey mess? Well, as we discuss how to make fried ice cream, you would see how this scrumptious dessert is made and each element retains its integrity.

What is Fried Ice Cream?

Fried Ice cream is a scoop of ice cream that has been coated with crumbs and deep fried. The process of breading and frying creates a dessert that is crisp and crunchy on the outside but with the melt-in-your-mouth ice cream center.

how to make fried ice cream


There are several claims as to the origin of fried ice cream. There are claims that it originated at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 which was were the ice cream sundae was invented. Another claim is that a company in Philadelphia invented it in 1894. Yet another school of thought is of the opinion that fried ice cream originated from Japanese tempura restaurants.

The truth is that as with many culinary inventions, it is difficult to pin down its origin to a particular source especially in those days when no one knew about patents and copy rights and all.

In the USA these days, fried ice cream is mostly known as a Mexican delicacy maybe because of the company that made it popular. 

That said however, we are glad that there is a dessert such as fried ice cream. And the great thing about is that there are a lot of variations to it. You can also tweak the basic recipe to suit your taste

How It Is Made

Fried ice cream is made by taking a scoop of ice cream and coating it with crumbs ( made up of different things such as cornflakes, bread  etc), then deep frying in hot oil.

The most common method of making it is as follows:-

  1. Prepare the coating – crush cornflakes into crumbs (you can add other types of crumbs) add a little butter/oil and cinnamon so that the crumbs can form a crust.

  2. Scoop out ice cream and coat it with the crust that you have prepared.

  3. Deep fry in hot oil for about 30 seconds

  4. Serve immediately.

That’s the basic steps for making fried ice cream.  However, we would go further to share 3 recipes with you. 2 of these recipes would show you how to make the deep fried method, while one would show you how to make the No-fry method.

You can use store-bought ice cream or one of our recipes for homemade ice cream. Check it out here.

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Equipment Needed

Almost everything you’ll need to make both the classic fried and the No-fry method of fried ice cream can be found in your home. If you don’t have any of them, it can be easily purchased on a budget. The equipment includes the following:-

Baking Tray

Cupcake/Muffin Tray

Ice Cream Scoop

Parchment Paper

Ziploc or plastic bag

Balloon/ Egg Whisk or fork

Large saucepan or deep fryer

Large skillet or frying pan

Mixing Bowls

Slotted spoon or basket

Paper towels

Serving platter

Method 1 – Deep Fried Ice Cream

Basic Recipe


750ml vanilla ice-cream

250g cookies

2 eggs

1 tablespoon milk

Pure Vegetable oil

Whipped cream or Icing (optional)

Chocolate syrup (optional)


  1. Line a tray with parchments paper and scoop out your ice cream onto the tray. You should get about 6 or 7 scoops depending on the size of your ice cream scoop.

  2. Place the tray in the freezer for 2 hours. This is so that the ice cream would be frozen solid and firm.

  3. Crush the cookies that you want to use and place the crumbs in a bowl. get another bowl and beat the eggs, then mix well with the milk.

  4. Bring out the ice cream from the freezer and quickly cover each scoop with the crumbs and put back into the freezer for an hour.

  5. After that, bring out the coated ice cream and coat them with the egg and milk mixture. When you roll the ice cream balls in the egg mixture, shake off the excess and then coat with the crumbs again.

  6. Put the coated ice cream balls back into the freezer for another hour.

  7. Fill your deep fryer half way with oil and then allow it to heat up to 190°C. You can test the hotness of the oil by throwing in a piece of bread. If it turns golden brown in 30 seconds, then your oil is ready.

  8. Fry the ice cream balls for about 15 seconds or until golden brown.

  9. Remove from the oil and allow draining on a paper towel. Top with the whipped cream or a dusting of icing sugar. You can also drizzle with chocolate sauce or any syrup you like.

  10. Serve immediately.

This recipe was adapted from

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Tweaked Recipe


6 cups or 1.5 quart or 3 pints vanilla ice cream

3 cups vanilla wafer cookies

2 cereal (corn flakes)

½ cup pecans

1 Tablespoon cinnamon sugar

2 Eggs

Chocolate syrup (optional)

Whipped cream (optional)


Instructions for preparation

  1. Line a cupcake tray with parchment paper or plastic wrap.

  2. Scoop out ice cream into the individual cavities of the tray.

  3. Cover the cupcake tray with plastic wrap and place in the freezer until the ice cream is frozen solid. It is best to leave it in the freezer overnight.

  4. Place the cornflakes, pecans, cookies and cinnamon sugar in a food processor and blend until it becomes fine crumbs. Pour out the crumbs in a mixing bowl.

  5. Place the eggs in another bowl and beat well.

  6. Bring out the frozen ice cream balls and cover each ball with the crumbs made, dip them into the egg and back into the crumb.

  7. Put the coated ice cream balls back into the cupcake tray and back into the freezer. Preferably leave it there overnight.

  8. When you are ready to fry the coated ice cream balls, fill your deep fryer halfway full and then heat it up to 400 degrees.  Remember that you can check for hotness by throwing a piece of bread into the oil. If it gets brown in 30 seconds then the oil is hot enough.

  9. Bring out the ice cream balls from the freezer and fry for 10 to 15 seconds or until it turns golden.

  10. Remove from the oil and place on a paper towel to drain.

  11.  Garnish with the chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherry if you want. You can also use whatever you like to garnish your fried ice cream.

  12. Serve immediately.

Plate and garnish with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry.

Serve immediately.

This recipe was adapted from

Method 2 – No-Fry Method

This method is actually meant to achieve the same result without the long process involved in the first two recipes that we have shared. So some folks looked at the whole stress of freezing, coating with crumbs and frying and came up with the method we would share in this segment.

Remember that you can always tweak this method to get the best way you love your fried ice cream to be.


Vanilla Ice Cream

2 Cups crushed cereal (cornflakes)

½ Cup butter

3 Tablespoons sugar

2 Teaspoons cinnamon

Instructions For Preparation

  1. Line a baking tray with parchment paper, scoop out the ice cream in balls and place the tray in the freezer.

  2. While the ice cream balls are in the freezer, crush the corn flakes with a food processor. If you don’t have a food processor, you can place the cornflakes in a Ziploc bag and use your rolling pin to go over the bag and crush the cornflakes.

  3. Place your butter in a frying pan or skillet and put on medium heat. When the butter is totally melted, pour in the crushed cereal (cornflakes, sugar and cinnamon.  Stir the mixture on medium heat continuously until it turns golden brown. This should take about 5 minutes.

  4. Remove the crumb mixture from the heat and place in a shallow bowl to cool.

  5. When it is totally cool, remove your ice cream balls from the freezer and roll them in the crumbs ensuring that they are completely coated.

  6. Garnish as desired and serve immediately.

This recipe was adapted from

Expert Tips For Making Fried Ice Cream

Do Not Be Impatient

When you embark on making fried ice cream at home, do not be impatient. You need to factor in all the freezing time. This is very important especially if you going the classic way of deep frying.

Your ice cream has to be frozen solid which is best when you leave the ice cream in the freezer overnight. So in essence, it is best to start prepping for your fried ice cream, a day before you intend to serve it.  This would give you to time to freeze overnight and then also freeze between coatings.

Do not skip any of the freezing steps because it is important in order for your ice cream to remain intact after frying.

Coat Ice Cream Balls Evenly and Properly

Ensure that your ice cream balls are covered entirely with the crumb/crust. That is why it is vital that you do a double coating. The coat has to be very thick and cover every inch of the ice cream ball. Any part of the ice cream ball that is exposed would as a matter of fact melt upon contact with the hot oil.

There Would Be A Learning Curve

When you are making fried ice cream especially for the first time, you would surely have a little mishap or two. This is to be expected; one of the most common issues is that the first ice cream ball may either be under-fried or over-fried.

To this end, you are advised to leave your tray of coated ice cream balls, while you fry one ball. This first ball would be the sacrificial ball that would help you get the timing right.

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Use Cornflakes For More Crunch

If you really want that crispy crunch to the crust of your fried ice cream, then it’s best to use corn flakes.  While it is ok to use any cookie or cereal that you like, it has been proven that the cereal that produces the best crunch is cornflakes.

Don’t Both Hands For Breading

When you are covering the ice cream balls with the crumb coating, use one hand to rolls the balls around in the crumbs mixture and another hand to roll the breaded balls in the egg mixture. If you use both hands for both activities, your crumbs would begin to clump together because of the wetness from the egg mixture.


Fried ice cream elevates your ordinary ice cream to another level of dessert. You’ll notice that all the recipes we gave are vanilla ice cream; this is because vanilla is the most common ice cream flavour used. This may probably be because of all the other ingredients used in the breading and then the frying.

Truth is we have not experimented with other ice cream flavours but there’s nothing stopping you from doing so. You can also experiment with different items for the crumb coating. Some items that we have seen people use are a combination of two or more of the following:-

Cornflakes, cookie crumbs, cinnamon, coconut flakes, chopped pecans or walnuts

You can also use any of the following for garnishing or topping:- 

Icing sugar, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce (or any other sauce or syrup of your choice), sprinkles or Maraschino cherries.

So go ahead and enjoy!


Chisom was raised in a home where something was always cooking or baking in the kitchen. She developed her love for baking and the culinary arts from an early age. Through the years she has undergone several formal and informal training on cake decoration. She obtained two certificates from The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Arts. Her wealth of experience spans over 30 years of hands on training and experimentation. She is proud to say that whatever tips and advice she passes on are tested and proven. She has also inspired many to great entrepreneurial heights in the world of cake decoration and culinary arts.

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